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Music Production as a Career in India

In this article, you will find how you can pursue music production as a career in India. If making music, Remixing tracks, Recording sounds and Creating new melodies is your passion then music production is the right career for you. Music production is a vast career with endless boundaries, unlike DJing. Music production can be […]


Question: You have been DJing in Delhi from past 20 years how it started? Answer : Well i was into modelling and many other activities but nothing fascinated me more than music. Many friends encouraged me to learn DJing and take it as a profession, so i did and here i am. Question: When did […]

Interview with DJ ROODY

Question: How you got inclined towards djing? Who inspired you? Answer : its just music which inclined me towards deejaying and my inspiration was and is Paul van dyk Question: How did you learn? Answer : i learnt in mumbai way back in 2003 , was already doing my gigs that time but learnt as a pro […]