Question: You have been DJing in Delhi from past 20 years how it started?
Answer : Well i was into modelling and many other activities but nothing fascinated me more than music. Many friends encouraged me to learn DJing and take it as a profession, so i did and here i am.

Question: When did you start DJing? How was your journey?
Answer : 1998 i started Djing in private parties and got into good residencies. My current one is at Grappa, Shangrila.

Question: You have multiple stage names, How you manage them?
Answer : Well when it comes to produce or play my kind of music i go with the name OMA (one man army) and when i have to play for a corporate or private event i play with the name Vishal Malik. One should never compromise with the genre if its tagged with a stage name as it will effect your fans. I also have another brand called Dual Disco where i perform with a friend as a duo.

Question: Should one focus on a particular genre or be versatile?
Answer : Versatility is good and required initially but focus on your music to grow on a longer term. Get into production as it will take ahead in your desired genre.

Question: Which city would you love to relocate?
Answer : Bangalore, Just love the vibe of the city.

Question: What Gear do you use?
Answer : I personally play on CDJ’s but i guess its one own comfort with the kind of equipment they use.

Question: Any suggestions to the students?
Answer : The most important thing why you chose to be a DJ is because the love of Music, Never let that fade away. Production is very important for a DJ to showcase his music, So slowly but gradually enter into music production.

DJ as a Career

This is a question we get asked many times by parents and students who wish to get into DJing. Djing is a career which is at a boom right now, With India getting exposed to a lot of international brands and festivals there is surely going to be a great career for students looking forward to be a part of electronic music. As the pub culture is getting on the trends now DJs will also have a lot of job opportunities in future. We have seen an escalation in the music production as industry as Indian Djs and Producers are now getting recognition and support on International level. The day is not far when top 100 Djs of the world will have a major number of International acts.

The student after the course can start working as a resident Dj in a nightclub, Pub, Bar, Cafe or a Hotel. This works like any other job where you have a regular job, Fixed Salary, Holidays and an expense tab. Apart from Being a resident one can also look forward for freelancing and start playing in mobile setups or play a session in clubs as a guest Dj. In freelancing the chances of having a better pay, making good profile and exposure to new audience and venue are much higher than compared to residency. However its ones personal choice how they want to go ahead in their career.

Fame is also very important aspect of a DJs life as this is how you improve your profile and pay scale. Once a DJ is famous then he or she can charge anything what they feel is right for them. Famous Djs get to travel the world, Perform at Various nightclubs and enjoy the stardom. So apart from Djing one has to really work on the other aspects like Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Making a fan base and Social Media Marketing.

Interview with dj roody

Question: How you got inclined towards djing? Who inspired you?
Answer : its just music which inclined me towards deejaying and my inspiration was and is Paul van dyk

Question: How did you learn?
Answer : i learnt in mumbai way back in 2003 , was already doing my gigs that time but learnt as a pro under dj faroukh .

Question: How was your struggle period?
Answer : Tough :) …..

Question: You have been Djing since a long time now, How you see the revolution in it all these years?
Answer : its been 13 yrs now … revolution is energetic and i feel theres a lot more to come ..

Question: You love listening to?
Answer : everything which sounds good to me …

Question: Favourite club and city?
Answer : Armani prive ( dubai )

Question: Equipments you use?
Answer : for club gigs i demand for atleast pioneer cdj 900s/DjM900 , works for me and for private gigs i carry my own pioneer ddjsx ..

Question: 3 must have things in your backpack?
Answer : my laptop , my headphones and my ear protection  :)

Question: Any good/bad experience in a gig you wish to share ?
Answer : loosing my headphones at a gig was a bad exp once , Good exp was bumping into my school buddies after years at a gig in new delhi ..

Question: A message for the students who want to follow your footsteps ?
Answer : do what you feel right , produce the style what u like , do not copy others , you are diff yourself :)

it was gr8 answering the questions for the students , i wish them best of luck for future .

keep sharing the knowledge through your academy cheers !! much love :)