Interview with DJ ROODYj

Interview with DJ ROODY

Question: How you got inclined towards djing? Who inspired you?
Answer : its just music which inclined me towards deejaying and my inspiration was and is Paul van dyk

Question: How did you learn?
Answer : i learnt in mumbai way back in 2003 , was already doing my gigs that time but learnt as a pro under dj faroukh .

Question: How was your struggle period?
Answer : Tough :) …..

Question: You have been Djing since a long time now, How you see the revolution in it all these years?
Answer : its been 13 yrs now … revolution is energetic and i feel theres a lot more to come ..

Question: You love listening to?
Answer : everything which sounds good to me …

Question: Favourite club and city?
Answer : Armani prive ( dubai )

Question: Equipments you use?
Answer : for club gigs i demand for atleast pioneer cdj 900s/DjM900 , works for me and for private gigs i carry my own pioneer ddjsx ..

Question: 3 must have things in your backpack?
Answer : my laptop , my headphones and my ear protection  :)

Question: Any good/bad experience in a gig you wish to share ?
Answer : loosing my headphones at a gig was a bad exp once , Good exp was bumping into my school buddies after years at a gig in new delhi ..

Question: A message for the students who want to follow your footsteps ?
Answer : do what you feel right , produce the style what u like , do not copy others , you are diff yourself :)

it was gr8 answering the questions for the students , i wish them best of luck for future .

keep sharing the knowledge through your academy cheers !! much love :)